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How do you assure prompt and appropriate revenue in an environment of complex requirements?

Due to the complexity of voluminous, conflicting, complex regulatory requirements and relationships within public and private payer contracts, ever-increasing medical costs, and shrinking reimbursement dollars, the management of healthcare transactions and claims is an enormous challenge – a specialized understanding of the marketplace is critical to obtaining prompt and appropriate payment

Improve Financial Performance through Data-Driven Audit and Control
Challenges in Healthcare Today

Declining Reimbursement Rates

Rapidly Increasing Costs

Fragmented Contractual Arrangements

Increasing Uncompensated Care

Increasing Regulatory Arrangements

Healthcare Fraud
Revenue Cycle Assessment & Management

Patient Appeal Support Services

Make Cost Efficient Data-Driven Decisions

Ensure Payer Contract Compliance

Denial Management

Payer Defense Audits

Training Support

Medical Business Associates, Inc.’s audit experience throughout the entire healthcare continuum enables us to provide expert structure and support to ensure the financial and information integrity necessary to help you capture full and accurate charges.

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