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My Bill Alert - Reduce Complexity, Costs, and Mitigate Risk

    How can your organization manage and reduce its healthcare costs?

    Knowledge is power. Thatís why thereís HealthShield, a pro-active web-based notification and audit tool that brings clarity and visibility to your healthcare spending, resulting in more informed employees and wiser healthcare consumers.

    Imagine the following scenario:

    • Youíre presented with a bill, the bill is paid, only to have a subsequent audit discover you were overcharged
    • Then you find yourself in an unenviable position: having to try to retrieve those overpayments after the fact
    • Itís difficult, time-consuming, and often impossible to recoup even a fraction of the overpayment

    How can you stop the pay and chase? HealthShield catches overpayments before they occur. Similar to credit card programs that verify charges, HealthShield monitors patient data and alerts users when abnormal spending behavior occurs. It also asks employees to confirm their bills before they are paid.

    Why My Bill Alert?

    • It engages employees to protect and advocate for themselves.
    • It educates employees to understand their healthcare bills.
    • It finds and fixes billing errors.
    • It helps manage and control healthcare costs and expenses.

    HealthShield provides your employees with a broader and deeper view of what theyíre being charged and why. By making it easier and more accurate to audit for errors up front, HealthShield helps you turn the pay and chase into identify and adjust. And when it comes to keeping healthcare costs under control, that knowledge makes all the difference.

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