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Dependent Eligibility Verification

    Pay and chase. It’s a situation familiar to countless organizations trying to manage – and minimize – their healthcare costs.

    How can your organization avoid this scenario? An easy first step is to make sure all subscribers and dependents on your insurance plan qualify.

    But wait, what about all that paperwork? HealthShield makes it simple. This electronic audit tool and submission ensures all employees receive notice of the audit (no more, “It got lost in the mail”), and verifies each individual’s information.

    Our trained medical auditors then perform a rigorous analysis of your employee and dependent population, aggregating individual responses into a centralized database to accurately determine dependent eligibility. Upon completion, MBA also highlights potential opportunities for clients to improve insurance eligibility verification and related administration processes.

    Why MBA?

    • We have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare audit field.
    • Ninety-nine percent of our clients realize cost savings.
    • Our proprietary HealthShield software is automated and electronic - no more cumbersome and expensive paper audits.

    Once initial setup is complete, dependent information will be available in the future so employees will not have to repeat the process.

    With healthcare costs projected to increase nine percent this year, it is time to take a pro-active approach to decreasing your expenditures.

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