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Fraud Prevention and Detection

There are millions of ways to defraud our healthcare system. Our Fraud Risk Assessment tools identify areas of vulnerability. Today's schemes are more complex, more time-consuming and more costly than ever. The “ethically challenged” are coming up with new ways to defraud our healthcare system every day. According to the 2009 Office of Inspector General Report, the United States loses an estimated $60 billion to healthcare fraud each year.

Medical Business Associates strives to protect the integrity of healthcare systems by preventing, detecting and resolving healthcare fraud, waste and abuse for healthcare providers, payers, employers, patients, government agencies and attorneys.

Our proven Antifraud Solutions evaluate susceptibility to high risk activity, protect vulnerabilities, strengthen policies and procedures and improve integrity. We also help victims of healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse including, but not limited to, those who have been exposed to false claims, pharmaceutical schemes and drug diversion, over-billing schemes, “rent-a-patient” schemes, vendor fraud and embezzlement.

Medical Business Associates provides aggressive and comprehensive programs to:

  • Recover misappropriated funds
  • Disallow improper activities
  • Protect our client's money