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We Understand How Information and Money Move In Healthcare
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Audit & Investigation Experts
Our Audit & Investigative Experts employ advanced technology to provide accurate data analytics and audit results. They use both traditional audit and investigative techniques and the latest information technology and statistical tools to review, communicate and analyze data. Our experts are certified in fraud detection and prevention and medical coding and reimbursement. They employ a variety of research and information sources to investigate and audit large volumes of data.

Clinical Experts
We draw on individual healthcare professionals with a deep understanding of clinical, finance and reimbursement, and case management models as well as provider, plan sponsor, payer and supplier business models. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of healthcare claims, from both financial and clinical perspectives. They understand how health information and monetary transactions move between and among each market participant.

Data Architect
We support the design and implementation of data mapping. We will work closely with other project team members to load the right client data at the right time to support population health solutions.

Data Assessments, Analytics, and Governance
We provide data vulnerability assessments on your organizations current data infrastructure. Our team will provide guidance on developing data strategies, analytic practices, and ongoing data governance.

Delivery Consultant
We provide venue support during client engagements. Using effective consulting and facilitation skills in meetings and events, our Delivery Consultant drives the client through venue configuration, testing and training.

Information Technology Experts
Our Information Technology Experts develop and manage databases and applications that generate data patterns for analysis and interpretation. They analyze data efficiently and thoroughly through advanced proprietary audit tools.

Interface Architect-General
We corroborate the planning and management of interface installation at client sites. The Interface Architect coordinates interface design and implementation activities and provides assistance and guidance in the overall project design and implementation activities. Responsible to lead and coordinate the acquisition of data.

Solution Architect
We provide venue expertise during client engagements. Using effective consulting and facilitation skills in meetings and events, the Solution Architect drives the client through workflow and solution design to achieve defined benefits. Provides expert domain knowledge, implementation approach, and workflow design within scope.